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HYT TC-610S IP66 waterproof dustproof HYT TC-610S UHF/VHF two way radio [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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IP66 waterproof dustproof HYT UHF 400-470MHz TC-610S two way radio

TC-610 S is a high quality waterproof professional interphone, IP66 waterproof dustproof level, and is suitable for outdoor work and often wading worker, dust up dirt, can be directly flush. High audio power and 45 mm large diameter loudspeaker design, and the sound quality clear loud, ensure that even in noisy environment can still high quality on the phone. The global battery card buckled patent technology, use the time is longer, the operation more convenient.

Can be used to flush the (IP66 waterproof dustproof level)

In all kinds of bad working conditions on the use and easy accumulation bilge, TC-610 S can be easily wash with water, and can ensure the normal conversation and use.

Loud sound was clear

TC-610 S use 45 mm large diameter loudspeaker design, audio output power high, fully ensure clear calls in a noisy environment. At the same time, TC-610 S transmit power to achieve 5 W, effectively increase the machine communication distance.

Power instructions

TC-610 S through innovative design, user just press the corresponding function keys, LED indicator light color can be through to judge the current state of the battery power, remind charging in time.

The global battery card design patent buckle

TC-610 S battery card clasp structure is the sea can reach a global structure design patent, install and remove more convenient, while that after a long time the battery and the host close together joint, to ensure normal work.


I high/low power switch

Each channel can be set up all the power of the programming key (high/low power button) adjustment, when the communication area is hours can use low power, in order to save the battery energy.

25 KHz / 12.5 KHz channel interval adjustable

TC-610 S fully considered the applicability of the future, the user can through the programming software installed each channel between the channel for 25 KHz or 12.5 KHz, rather than having to buy new.

Surveillance function

By MONI key, can monitor the current channel activity, this function helps to listen to a weak signal.

Automatic power saving function

In not to receive signals or no operation, interphone will automatically into the province electricity mode, lower power consumption, so as to extend battery life.

Low-power alarm

The battery power is not enough to be automatic remind users charge.

Launch management

Radio signals in before launch, detection receiving the information on the channel, to judge whether can launch channel launch to keep clean and free of interference channels.

Overtime ban hair (TOT)

This function is used to keep a single radio too long takes up a channel.

Computer programming

But through the programming software on the function of the machine parameters for reading and setting, free and machine function setting.

Cable copy

But through the copy line will be a function of the parameters on the copy to the other a radio.

CTCSS/CDCSS and end eliminate

With 38 group standard and audio and 83 set of standard and digital sound, and support all the standard CTCSS/CDCSS, if your radio set the CTCSS or CDCSS, not only can eliminate the frequency brought about by the interference, and can also eliminate the sending end, carrier disappeared due to call by the "click" sound.

Nine level static noise level can be adjusted

Static noise level static noise in where close to or open, you can from 0 to 9 levels of noise level still choose to use suitable for different environment.

Channel scanning

Press the scan function keys, namely to scan all the channel list scan them one by one. When in a channel received signal, scan in the letter that stop on.

VOX headset

With the headset use VOX function, do not need press PTT key can be on the phone.



Frequency Range

136-174 MHz




Channel Capacity


Channel Spacing

25 /12.5 KHz

Operating Voltage


Standard Battery

1200mAh (Li-ion)

Battery Life (5-5-90 Duty Cycle)
1200mAh Li-Ion battery
1300mAh Ni-MH battery (optional)
2000mAh Li-Ion battery (optional)

More than 9 hours
More than 9 hours
More than 14 hours

Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature


Antenna Impedance


Dimensions (H×W×D) (with battery, without antenna)


Weight (with antenna & battery)



RF Power Output

5W/2W (VHF)   5W/2W (UHF)



Spurious and Harmonics

-36dBm(<1GHz) -30dBm(>1GHz)

FM Noise


Audio Distortion

≤5 %








Spurious Response Rejection




Rated Audio Power Output


Rated Audio Distortion


If bulk order, please contact Ms. Amy Huang:

Tel: 86(592)5995025

Fax: 86(592)3720556

WhatsApp: 86-13860123881

SKYPE: amy.446shop



  • 1 x HYT TC-610S (UHF 400-470Mhz)
  • 1 x 7.5V 1200mah Li-ion Battery Pack
  • 1 x Antenna 400-470Mhz
  • 1 x Belt Clip
  • 1 x ENG Manual
  • 1 x Desktop Charger ( 100V ~ 240V )+(2pin USA or 3pin UK or 2pin EURO or 2pin Australia)
  • 1 x PTT Earpiece for free
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